Coach Emily Wicklund

HOMETOWN: Santa Maria, Ca

OCCUPATION: Owner/Operator of C5 FIT

BACHELORS DEGREE in Health and Human Sciences with an emphasis in Community Health Education.

MASTERS DEGREE in Nutrition and Human Performance with an emphasis in Sports and Fitness Nutrition.

NFPT: Personal Training Certification and Fitness Nutrition Specialist

OPEX CCP: (on journey)

My love and appreciation for teaching others the art of fitness and health began in 2017. I obtained my personal training certification, completed my Masters degree, and began my C5 fitness and nutrition coaching journey shortly after.

In mid 2020, I was presented the opportunity to take on the role of Owner/Operator at C5 FIT and I proudly accepted. It is an honor to help individuals build their confidence while learning to understand and value what their bodies are capable of.

For myself and my clients, I am an advocate for strong glutes and a healthy dose of daily carbohydrates.

ROSTER: 5 spots available

Coach Kelsey Garcia

HOMETOWN: Newport Beach, CA

OCCUPATION: Emergency Dept. RN, Oncology RN

GGS Pre & Post Natal Strength and Conditioning Coach
OPEX CCP Associate Coach
FMS 1 Certified
ACLS, PALS CPR Certified

I grew up doing a number of sports; most notably gymnastics, soccer, and competitive cheerleading through the collegiate level. I don't remember a time in my life that fitness hasn't played a major role in my life. When I found CrossFit in 2012, my love of fitness and self confidence flourished and I felt excited to learn more about the world of fitness, health, and wellness.

Through the experience of having my own personal fitness coach, I was able to pursue my goals and qualify to compete on the world stage in the Sport of Fitness for multiple years. I wholeheartedly believe in this method of training and enjoy helping people reach their potential, the way my coaches helped me.

Through my experience programming for clients, I have realized how much I love coaching pre and post natal women. I decided to learn more about this population and received my Certification for Pre & Post Natal Strength and Conditioning in 2023. This is such a vulnerable and dynamic time for women. I love cultivating a relationship for my clients with their ever-changing bodies, to prepare them for birth and help them recover so they may have energy, strength and confidence for their new roll as a mother.

I believe that my nursing career, general positive disposition, own pregnancy, and never ending passion for health and fitness has blended together and is best expressed in coaching personal functional fitness. I love working with people of all ages, backgrounds, abilities, and goals.

I look forward to helping you cultivate your true potential!

ROSTER: accepting clients until 2/15; then closed 2/15-4/30

Coach Kara Nolley

HOMETOWN: Troutdale, Oregon

OCCUPATION: Business Aviation Compliance and Human Resources Administrator


NASM Personal Training Certification

C5 FIT Personalized Coaching & Mentorship Program

CPR/AED Certification


Anyone who knows me knows I tend to jump into things with both feet–personally and professionally. While my fitness life has taken a variety of paths–from year-round youth sports to distance running to weight training to CrossFit to my current home at C5 FIT, a fitness lifestyle is the constant and my passion. As I aged and found the daily CrossFit grind was no longer serving my needs, the C5 methodology and coaching has taken my fitness to the next level in a way that has made me a stronger, fitter, and a more capable human being.

I also found the community at C5 is like none other, and helping people find their strongest, fittest and most capable selves is something that I love doing! From introducing people to the benefits of individualized training, working to develop and maintain lifelong fitness, and watching the large and small successes, and celebrations, along the way, I revel in every minute.

When I am not in the gym, you can find me voraciously reading, hiking local trails, and spending time with my family and friends.

ROSTER: 2 spots available

Coach Chad Franco



OPEX: Assessment, Program Design, Life Coaching, and Movement Courses.
Movement and Mobility Course
FMS1 Certified
Pendlay Olympic Lifting Course

I played football and wrestled throughout my junior high and high school years.
I began my Fitness Journey at 13yrs old and have been addicted since my first day on the barbell.
I served in the United States Navy right out of high school.

I love playing beach volleyball, traveling, shooting, Fitness (my hobby and passion), and anything active outside in the sunshine.

I took over ownership of CrossFit Five Cities in 2012 (the C5 origins), and then over the years, evolved the business model to what we know today as C5 FIT, offering Personalized Fitness for any and all fitness levels. I have been writing Personalized Fitness and Lifestyle programs since 2014. 

When my older brother first introduced me to the barbell at the age of 13, I had an immediate connection to it. From that day forward, Fitness was ALWAYS part of my life in some form or fashion. Looking back in retrospect, I was always seeking some form of Balanced Fitness. I never wanted to just lift heavy, or "get big". I never wanted to just run or swim far distances. I never wanted to just be flexible and agile. I wanted it all. I was seeking something like Functional Fitness way back then and didn't even know it. This is why I fell in love with the CrossFit methodologies when I was first introduced in 2009. I transitioned to my own Personalized Fitness Program in 2011, and have never looked back.

My WHY for wanting to maintain my health and Fitness; I watched my grandfather spend the last 10yrs of his life in a state of sickness. I watched my father do the same for the last 8yrs of his life until he passed away in 2012 unexpectedly. I knew from early on that I NEVER wanted my life to be like that. Being healthy and fit is a choice. YOU choose what your life is going to look and feel like by the daily decisions you make throughout your life. I invest countless hours of time and energy to ensure I stay healthy and strong, and in turn, have the knowledge and abilities to help others do the same. 

My passion is to help others to be their best selves via proper alignment with; fitness, nutrition, lifestyle habits, sleep habits, stress management, mindset, and obtaining the fine balance between it all throughout their individual journey.

ROSTER: currently accepting remote clients only

Personalized Coaching is our tool.
Making better humans is our result. 

543 Five Cities Drive
Pismo Beach, CA  93449

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